Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Interview Session

Two days ago I went for an interview at a frieght forwarding company. It is a Malaysia base company. When I first step into the company I thought that I went to wrong company because it seems like the office is closed or something as the front light was not on. And mind you at that point of time was 9:50am.

Actually, my interview was arranged at 10:30am but I was early. It was preety easy to locate the company building.

Anyway, eventually someone came out and attended to me to fill up form. The situation of the office was really noisy with loud music coming from the radio if I'm not mistaken cause there's DJ talking.

So, after filling up the form. In which I don't really think it's necessary as I brought my resume along with me. So, I just fill in my particulars and attached my resume to it.

Acter waited for a few minutes, the boss himself came out of his room and attend to me. He was the one who conducted the interview.

According to the info that I got from someone, he is cheeky and likes to flirt alot. But as the interview goes along, I tried to find the characteristic of the flirtiness of him but couldn't find not even a bit.

The boss was really nice to me and being very professional. We did talk about my jobscope and a little bit of out-of-track kinda topic. In which, we talked about religion.

He was a very knowledgeable man. I like his brain...hahaha....Good thing is, he doesn't appeal to me as a flirtish man.

Best part is he's Ust. TM Fouzy friend. We talked quite a fair bit of things. From the way he talk and liase with a person, I don't even see the slightest flirtness. In fact, according to the descriptions that I get from him about the staff, he's quite a lenient boss.

I really hope I am able to perform and not to dissappoint him.

I seriously think that there's alot of things need to be improvise. Way too many things to improvise that the company needs to take baby steps in improving the company to a better manpower state.

Hopefully, I'll be an asset to the company :D

But above all now, I still not able to upload any photos :( Sad...sad...sad...situation....boohohoho...

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