Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is It Selfish to Pursue Happiness?


  Here’s what’s crazy. We all chase happiness – it’s automatic – but some people worry that it is selfish. So they feel guilty – and that makes them unhappy!

      It’s not selfish to seek happiness. It is selfish to be miserable! Happy people are more thoughtful and more considerate. It’s unhappy people who are preoccupied with themselves. Happy people make better friends, better lover and better employees.

Studies prove that if you are happy you are more likely to:
·      Volunteer at a soup kitchen
·       Carry a stranger’s groceries or
·      Loan people money.

So for the sake of everyone you know – and for the benefit of all the dogs in your neighbourhood – let’s get one thing straight: the happier you become, the better off we all will be!

      Hard times can mean no money. Hard times can mean no friends, no job and no hope. Hope is what we need most. The good news is that it is possible for you to climb out of the deepest hole. If you a unhappy with your life right now, you may look back in a few months and see how these difficult times helped prepare you for something better.
Most of us start out life believing:
·      Mistakes are bad
·      The happiest people have the easiest lives
·      The smartest people are the most successful
·      We need a partner to be happy.
None of the above statements are necessarily true.

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