Friday, March 12, 2010

Nail Henna

As a fan of henna, my sister and I is always on a look out for the best henna in the market.  We've tried literally from henna leave in which we pluck it straight from henna tree and pound it till it becomes fine and wearable on nails or some people will wear it on whole hands.

Some people says that by mixing tea, axe oil, coffee powder and lots more, will enhance the henna color, I've tried mixing with tea. It did enhance the color of the henna.

But recently, we found out there's new henna in the market that is giving really vibrant color outcome. So, my sister and I did try using the henna. I am really satisfied with the result.

Look at how vibrant the colors are. This is the result after 1 week.

It's in paste form and having ash sorta smell to it. Anyhow, the application is so easy to use.

1) Just apply think coat of henna to nail.
2) Dab a drop of water on the paste.
3) Leave paste on for 3 hours to overnight. The longer the paste stays on, the deeper the color will be.
4) Remove paste with lemon juice (but i do it with water)
    *keep water off nails for at least 12 hours if you are able to (in which i am not able to do that )

Colors will take a couple of days to fully develop. Nails will appear bright orange at first, then darken and deepen after a couple of days,

* Keep the balance in freezer if not in use.

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