Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Crochet Stuff :)

Recently, I've just learned making some bags, pouch and some nice flowers. The results really amazed me. Never thought i am able to manage to make those kinda things. Usually I'll make crochet stuff that you put on tables or tv or even on car seats.

Once upon a time, I was helping my auntie to make crochet for hijab edging. Of course I get paid for it. It's worth it. At that time I was still in my school days.

I still remembered the first time when I learned to do crochet was when I was watching my mom doing the crochet for her bed cover. It was so beautiful. I was so facinated by the beauty of the crochet that I learned to do it just by watching. No one ever teach me really to do it. If there is, is my mom and she only teach me a little bit here and there as she is also busy doing her stuff.

Anyways, before I be the cause of your bordom , let me present to you with the things that I've done over the past 2 weeks.

This is one of my very first pouch that I've make. Since I do not have a pouch to keep my crochet needles, I keep it in here. I'm using 5 ply yarn for both green and black yarn. And one black button. That's a recycle button from my old clothes that I've thrown away but I still keep the buttons for my other projects like this particular one.

The picture that you see above is my handphone pouch. It's the same kinda pattern as the one that I make for my crochet needle holder. But this one I make it smaller and with a Pansy flower in from of the flap and a strap for me to hold with green heart. The kind of yarn that I've used is 5 ply yarn for both colors.

Tutorial for making Pansy Flower ---->>>

Seems my mom is a fan of yellow, I specially make this for her.'s YELLOW!!! But just a hint of highlight, I'm using black color yarn to make the hp pouch more outstanding. With same design just a change of yarn colours. Black color yarn, I've used 5 ply yarn and for the yellow is 8 ply yarn. For some reason, I feel much comfortable crochet using 8 ply yarn :)

Check out this link if you wanna know how to do it ---->>>

Tutorial for making the heart ---->>>

Turorial for making Cheerul Crochet Flower ---->>>

With a hint of black, red and green, I've make this Crochet Messenger Hobo Slouch Bag. I simply love my bag to be colourful with bright green and sliver button. It takes me 1 day or less to do it. Depending on how fast I can go doing it. But it's really a simple bag to make, cute and fun to wear. For all the colours, I'm using 5 ply yarn.

Check out this link if you wanna learn how to make it --->>>

My lovely sister requested me to make the same particular bag like mine but with a bit of different color. She's more to suttle colors. So, she choose her bag to be in black and white and of course with a beautiful flower attached on it. For both colour, I'm using 8 ply yarn.

After making it, I emailed to her. She really love it and I'm preety sure she can't wait to wear it and show it to her friends...hehehe...

Ok, tutorial for making the Majestic Crochet Flower ---->>>

Last but not least bag for my dearest wonderful mom. I know in this photo, the bag looks like orange and yellow but seriously, it is actually red and yellow. I think its's because of lighting problem. But anyhow, my mom loves it. I didn't even tell her I was making it for her. But when it's ready, I gave it to her. She had a pleasant surprise today....hehehe....glad to make my mom happy today :D mission accomplished!!!

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