Saturday, March 27, 2010


This nice poetry is written by a friend of mine by the name BJ. According to him, when he was lonely and decided to pen down his thoughts, he was thinking of me. Hence, he came out with a poem about WhiteDove. How sweet of him. Thanx BJ for the love :)


Oh my white dove!! Oh my white dove!!!

Where art thou?

The most esteemed among wings

Holiness is your temperament

An epitome of humility

Your cloth is purer than snow

What a calm and peaceful creature

Whose sight insist adoration

Harmless honor of hope

Your virtuousness makes one grovels

Plummet to the north your wish

Screech to... the south your call

Dance in the cloud your abode

But, never denies my bough a perch

Flapping wings of soothe

Where art thou?

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